September 2013 Farmer’s Co-op Report

Barn straw

We had something really unusual in the Co-Op this past week… a foreigner!

We figured it out when it was obvious he couldn’t speak the language. This fellow came in around three-thirty PM on Tuesday and walked right up to the counter and was trying his darndest to talk with Junior. It went something like this:

“Hey, youse guys got dat K’tucky tirdy one fezque?” Junior only speaks English, so naturally he couldn’t understand and asked the fellow to repeat himself.

“Y’ know. Dat stuff fer da lon. K’tucky tirdy one.”

Junior finally had to go get the manager, Randy Simpkins to see if he could interpret. Randy went to Junior College, so he’s pretty good with languages. He figured out that the fellow just wanted some fescue to reseed his yard. “Noooo problem,” we told him.

Turns out, his name was Tony Kapetzsky and he was new in town, having just taken a job with the cabinet factory. We asked him where he was from and he said Newark. We’d never heard of that country.

Anyway, it turns out Tony’s a really swell fellow and really likeable, once you get past his limitations with the English language. But, like everything else in Watervalley, just give it time. He’ll learn how to talk properly soon enough.

Meanwhile, September is the time to reseed your lawn. So come on down to the Co-Op where got plenty of “dat K’tucky tirdy one fezque! (That’s Newark speak!)

And remember, any day on this side of the flowerbed is a good day!

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