Watervalley Farmer’s Co-op Report for May, 2014

Tomato GenoveseAt the recommendation of

Mrs. Polly Pigg, noted Watervalley socialite, the Farmer’s Co-op is now carrying Costoluto Genovese tomato plants. Polly discovered them a couple of years ago during a Golden Agers touring trip of Italy and told us we just had to start carrying them.

Now, Miss Polly, she can talk your ear off. She doesn’t suffer from boredom, but she sure is a carrier. Anyway, with these Genovese tomatoes, she hit it out of the park. I know when it comes to tomatoes; you’ve got your Big Boys and Better Boys. But these bad boys are the bomb. Best tomato for sauce, ever.

We know this because Leonard from the loading dock grew some last year. Leonard loves nature despite what it did to him. Anyway, he made tomato sauce with those Genovese tomatoes and it was so good some of the boys here at the Co-op have thought about writing poetry about it.

Leonard even wrote a song called “The Days of Wine and Tomatoes.” Now he thinks he’s the divine avatar of a culinary redneck renaissance. He’s even thinking about making cologne out of the Genovese tomatoes and garlic, claiming it will compliment his usual musk drenched animal magnetism. It’s this kind of keen sensitivity that keeps him in such demand with the ladies.

So, come on down to the Farmers Co-op and get a six pack of the Genovese along with some basil herbs. Leonard’s promised to give us his recipe for tomato sauce, so we’ll print that next month.

Meanwhile, Leonard is trying to come up with a name for his tomato cologne. Right now, Roma Aroma, Bad Boy for Early Girl, and Catnip Ketchup are the leading contenders.

It’s a work in progress.

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