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  1. Jean Evans says:

    I bought my first Watervalley book at the Joseph Beth Book Festival in Frankfort, Ky in November 2015. I loved it and since, I have bought and read the other two. Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Susan says:

    I just finished the Watervalley Series and loved each book. Hope to see another one in the near future!

  3. Susan Thomas says:

    It is very helpful to book group leaders to have a list of questions for discussion included either at the end of the text or on the website. Sometimes group leaders are pressed for time and don’t have enough time to think and rethink what has occurred in the book in the same way that the author can. Our group has read all four of your books and are speculating on what is going to be included in the next onel

    • Jeff High says:


      Thanks for your inquiry.

      The next book could go several directions.

      Given that Connie is a favorite character, the stage is set to perhaps pursue a storyline with Matthew. He is actually a radically fascinating character whose background story is only hinted at…but, trust me, could make him very interesting.

      I could fast forward a year or two and bring Luke back to Watervalley with his family. There is a challenging dynamic here in that the story would need to focus much more on his home life. I have mixed emotions about whether that is the next book I want to write.

      My friends in the publishing business also tell me to do some background books…such as the back story of John and Connie.

      I would be interested to know more about your group…who and where they are and, to know more about what direction they would like to see the Watervalley story go.



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