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(Boy, it’s hard to smile and hold in your stomach. Squinting helps.)

Well…I’m back!

And so is life in Watervalley!

The challenges of being a full time RN and writing great American literature (okay, maybe pretty darn decent American literature) proved to be overwhelming this last six months. But, book three is done! (Phew! More on that later.)

Meanwhile, there is a lot of catching up to do…starting with several new weekly/monthly features about Life in Watervalley.

This will include some old standbys such as the Watervalley Community Calendar, the Co-op Farmers Report, and Estelle’s favorite recipes. But it will also include some new features such as a new advice column in the Watervalley newspaper called, “Ask Connie.”

In this monthly segment, Connie Thompson will be giving stern and saintly advice on an array of topics including child rearing, help for the lovelorn, and even proper fashion advice…especially in regards as to what should and should not be worn in church.

We’re changing the format of the website, too: a lot more about life in Watervalley and a lot less from the shameless marketing department. (That’s because, seriously… I really hate that part.)

So…by golly! Stay tuned!

2015 is going to be loads of fun