Now That I Have Your Attention….

Fifty Shades of Hay Dear Beloved Readers,

Well….. last month I put the question out in cyberspace as to what readers thought should happen between Luke and Christine as their romance heats up in The Splendor of Ordinary Days.

Geez Louise, that sure got the attention of a long list of e-mailers! Most folks were quite levelheaded about the matter but a few really got their dander up and threatened to put me on the icky list. So with all the polish and politeness I can possibly muster, let me say this. “Dang people, for the love of Pete, calm down.”

Anyway, at day’s end the post accomplished its mission. It got people thinking about relationships in today’s culture and the challenges faced by two young adults who are both deeply in love and as well, who have a moral compass. As a writer, I have a strongly felt desire to accentuate the nobler aspects of the human potential. Yet I also feel a definitive need to create characters that are not stick people, who are realistic, vulnerable, and…potentially fallible.

But fear not… The Splendor of Ordinary Days is still a PG book. (Okay, maybe a slightly steamy PG.) If you loved the first two books…you’ll love this one.

As well, The Splendor of Ordinary Days is largely a story about the men and women who have served and who are presently serving our country in the armed forces. Studies have shown that more than seventy percent (70%) or our standing military (and an even higher percentage of our sitting military) come from zip codes of towns of less than 15,000 population…small towns from all across the country. And yes, a higher than average percentage of those small town men and women are from the South.

So, fear not bibliophiles…in the end I would hasten to assert one simple truth: Splendor is a story of Watervalley, that magical, wonderful place where there is much to laugh about, where there is always someone to share your pain, and where everybody waves.

Unless, of course, their hands are full.

Until next time,


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