“710” Is Oil Upside Down

Hi Folks,

I sure got an interesting phone call from sweet little Mrs. Polly Fletcher the other day. I like Mrs. Polly, even though she’s a little on the “genteel” side with the funny way she pronounces some of her “r’s.” You know, like “interi-uh, decora-tuh.”

Cadillac Anyway, turns out, she was just leaving the monthly meeting of the Society Book Club out at Tish Tuttle’s house when the oil light on that Cadillac of hers came on. No one’s husband was around and the oil light sent that bunch of ol’ owls in a panic. They managed to get the hood up and Tish found a quart of oil in the garage. That’s when I got the call.

Seems they couldn’t figure out where the oil went.

I told Mrs. Polly to look for a round cap near the engine. Man, you should have heard the gibber jabber coming over the phone. Those ladies had plenty of talk in them. Finally, Mrs. Polly asked me if it was the 710 cap.

At first, I had no idea what she was talking about. But then it hit me. I laughed a little and told her, “Yes, Mrs. Polly, it’s the 710 cap. Just take that off and put the oil in there and come see me.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that 710 was just “oil” upside down.

Anyway, Mrs. Polly’s all good now. But I’m thinking I gonna tease her a little about me doing the next book review. The caddy’s owner’s manual might be a good choice.

So, before your oil light comes on, come on down to Chick’s Automotive for an oil change. We’ll even show you how to find your 710 cap!

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