May 2013 Farmers’ Co-op Report

Garden Tools Getting Your pHD

It’s time to play in the dirt again!

So, this month’s tip is about soil pH. We took a survey of the boys down here at the Co-Op to see who knew what the actual letters pH stood for. The answers included potential harvest, pasture health, and plant habitat. Lester on the loading dock said it stood for pin head. Lester’s smoking something.

PH stands for “power of hydrogen” and of course is about acidity based on a range of one to fourteen with seven being the acidity of pure water. Most of the soil of Watervalley is slightly acidic.

Come to think of it, a few of the residents are too.

Some plants such as blue berries and hydrangeas like very acidic soil. One way to make soil more acidic is to add coffee grounds around the plant. But if you’re not a coffee drinker, you can also add a sulfur powder or mixture to the soil.

So, if your blueberries need to take a powder, come see us at the Co-Op. But don’t ask Lester for any gardening advice.

And remember, any day on this side of the flowerbed is a good day!

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