October 2013 Farmer’s Co-op Report

Co-op Halloween Hey Everybody,

We had the big pumpkin-carving contest yesterday afternoon with all the kids from Ms. Chambers’ sixth grade class from Watervalley Elementary. It was a blast!

The Co-Op provided all the pumpkins, the kids provided all the ideas, and their parents provided adult supervision…. so only the pumpkins were carved on.

Lester from the loading dock had a ball dressing up and acting like a kid again. He said sixth grade was the three happiest years of his life. There’s no danger of him having a second childhood. He’s never left the first one.

Lester forgot to wear his Spiderman costume. “I could just kick myself,” he said. Shame he’s not double jointed.

So he carved out a big hole in the bottom of a pumpkin and put it over his head, walking around and bumping into things. It scared some of the kids… when he took it off, that is. Some of the girls pointed and squealed, saying his face was scary, which seemed a little mean at the time. But Lester didn’t give it another thought. He doesn’t have many extra to spare.

We gave out prizes for the scariest pumpkin and the goofiest pumpkin. Lester was the judge of the goofiest one. He oughta know.

All the kids had a great time watching their parents indirectly compete with the other kid’s parents. And fortunately, there was no pumpkin guts slinging like last year. It’s a shame you can’t put adults in timeout.

November’s just a day away! So be sure to come on down to the Watervalley Farmers Co-Op to sign up for the big Turkey Giveaway!

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween!

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