Jeff High and Reading Rock Books for Christmas 2013

Have You Received Your Christmas 2013 Newsletter?

Picture Source: Facebook

Picture Source: Facebook

The author of More Things In Heaven And Earth, Jeff High, is the highlighted author of the Christmas 2013 Newsletter published by Reading Rock Books!

The interview gives us some subtle insights into the mind of the author behind this new series, Watervalley Books, and his love for Tennessee and its residence.  It also provides answers to a few questions that haven’t previously been asked.

More Things In Heaven And Earth

It’s always fun to know a writer’s inspiration, but the real question is “What does the writer  read?”  High was asked a similar question in this interview, and it appears he is currently keeping up with one of his mentors, Patrick Taylor.

“I am reading several books but the central focus is on Patrick Taylor’s new book, Fingal O’Reilly: Irish Country Doctor. Patrick is actually a friend of mine and we enjoy each other’s work.”

-Jeff High, Christmas 2013 Newsletter by Reading Rock Books

To read the entire interview click here.

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