The Christmas Parade – Watervalley Style

Photo by Jennifer Moran

Photo by Jennifer Moran

Dr. Bradford and I were Co-Chair and Grand Marshalls of this year’s Watervalley Christmas Parade. If he ever takes a job anywhere else, that’ll sure look good on his resume.

This year the parade was an upscale event… mainly because of the new rules requiring all tractors be cleaned before being allowed to participate.

The parade had everything; marching bands, Boy Scouts, Sheriff Thurman and his band, the Blue Lights, lots of floats from local merchants, and of course, the Christmas Queen, Miss Karen Satterfield.

Oh, and this year even the boys from the Knights of Columbus had a float. So I asked the doc, did the Knights of Columbus originate from the Teutonic Knights, the Gin-tonic Knights, or the Three Dog Knights? Doc’s a smart fellow, but he wasn’t sure on that one.

Anyway, from Chick’s Garage…Merry Christmas Everybody!


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