August 2013 Community Events

clown-in-operating-room1 No August Calendar.

The staff would like to apologize for the absence of an August Community Calendar. The individual who normally does the community calendar, Luther Whitmore, the editor of the Watervalley Village Voice newspaper, recently had elective surgery to fix a problem with his… um… well, let’s just say that Luther won’t be sitting down for a while. He had it done over at the Regional Hospital in Gunther County.

Anyway, this at least explains why Luther is always such a crabby old fart. We were hoping that the surgery would improve his disposition. But Luther claims the surgeon was a clown and is suing for unneeded pain and a prolonged hospital stay.

Some things don’t change, especially in Watervalley.

Hopefully, the calendar (and Luther) will be back next month.

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