Avoiding The Blue-Light Special

Well folks, the best thing that’s happened this month is that with all the tomatoes coming in, Miss Lida over at the Depot Diner has Tomato Pie on the blue plate special. Yummm, yum.

School Zone

Speaking of which, school is starting back, so be sure to slow down in those school zones or Sheriff Thurman will be serving you up with the blue light special.

Back in the day I loved going back to school and seeing all my friends and going to my favorite classes. Of course, I only had one favorite class…and that was shop. You might say I was the original shop-aholic.

On the other hand, I wasn’t so hot in algebra. I’d rather baptize a cat than try to factor a quadratic equation.

Anyway, come by and see us at Chick’ Automotive and get your brakes checked. Cause if your not slowing down, Sheriff Thurman might just be taking you to school himself.

You know that’s right!

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